ABN is a broadcast advisory and consulting service with a focus on Creative Ideation, Digital Content Distribution, Industry Networking, and Business Development.

Powering African Digital Media.

ABOUT US what we do

ABN Holdings Ltd (ABN) represents an affiliate network of commercial public service broadcasters across sub-Saharan Africa. ABN’s goal is to create a powerful and dynamic African Broadcast Network, which produces, packages and transmits new Afrocentric television channels and short-form content into tens of millions of television households and/or mobile, handheld television devices to enlighten through entertainment.

ABN currently runs a consulting and commercial advisory service with the mission to provide a sound intellectual framework via, which a highly profitable sub-Saharan African television industry can be realised. ABN’s consultancy business provides its commercial advisory service with a focus on four (4) core areas: (1)Creative Ideation (2)Business Development (3)Digital Content Distribution (4)Industry Networking

We are in a pivotal moment in Africa’s history and it is crucial to find a commercially feasible way to ensure the creation of a relevant television media platform that can speak to the aspirations of Africans everywhere with content that inspires a vision of transformative change made by Africans for Africans. The television broadcast media and it's ancillary support system has played a phenomenal role in authenticating a Joseph Conrad inspired image of Africa. The discourse and shaping, however, of Africa’s image on the global stage has often been beyond the control of Africa and Africans (home and abroad).

For the most part, Africa remains challenged by a long legacy of negative images of Africans stretching from the image of blacks in antiquity - the classical age, Judeo-Christian literature, and Islamic civilizations - to a recurring, crisis driven, news ecosystem that still rivets media coverage on Africa. A continuing paradox, which Africa has been subjected to, is heightened by a characteristic lack of willpower to effectively present or represent Africa in all of its endeavours in a positive light. By constructing a confident image of Africa across the continent and on the international stage, ABN will reverse the trend.

KEY DRIVERS commercial vision

The key drivers underpinning ABN’s commercial vision are as follows:

1. CREATIVITY: First, ABN is actively developing sound creative aesthetics and the means to produce and transmit digital content via the internet, mobile networks, digital terrestrial television and direct-to-home satellite television.

2. CONVERGENCE MEDIA: Second, ABN is set to play a key role in the convergence of Africa’s broadcasting and mobile telco markets into a turnkey digital ecosystem. This will translate into millions of dollars in annual revenues.

3. CULTURAL RELEVANCE: Third, ABN is tapping into the cultural ecumene of Africa in order to originate a powerful new brand of commercially engaging & entertaining programming content to illuminate African minds and aspirations.

THE TEAM team abn


John Sanderson - Chairman


George Twumasi - CEO


Robert Soteriou - CFO


Sal Souza - CTO/Design


Thorsten Stamer - Sales


Duncan Irvin - Production


Rob Duncan - Advisory


Mary Goodyear - Advisory


John Momoh - Advisory

Associate Partners